Educational Program

Our pupils learn by doing. Our teaching is based upon the philosophy of Ramon Fuster and modeled upon the approach taken at the former Escola Tagore, a school in Bellaterra that closed in 1983. The goal of the daycare is that our pupils understand how things work through different activities through direct interaction with their immediate natural environment.

Our curriculum teaches children to:

As we encourage our pupils to learn, we always keep in mind their desire to love and be loved.

Educational Areas

Our daycare complies with the regulations outlined in the Currículum d'Educació Infantil de la Generalitat de Catalunya, which is broadly divided into three areas:

Learning about the body

Our pupils are taught to be aware of their own bodies and their own possibilities and limitations. Our goal is to allow the child to learn to cope with her resources and, thus, maximize her ability to deal with conflicts. The habits and routine that your child is taught are designed to enhance her potential

Learning about the social and natural environments

Our pupils are taught to be aware of their immediate social environment, for example, family, school, and traditional celebrations. In addition, we seek to expose the pupil to her immediate natural environment by learning and experimenting with different activities that take place in the garden and playground.

Communication and Language

Our pupils engage in both verbal and non-verbal expression through music, arts and crafts, and numbers. Our goal is always to raise their curiosity.



First Trimester

  1. Adaptation period
  2. The classroom, friends, teachers, and psychologist
  3. Autumn/La Castanyada (the chestnut festival)/Halloween
  4. Stories: "La Castanyera," "L'arbre Toi," and "The Little Red Hen"
  5. Musical Language:
  6. Musical instruments: sticks, triangle, and drum
  7. Listening exercise: Antonio Vivaldi's Autumn
  8. Songs
  9. Christmas
  10. The beginning of winter
  11. The colors orange and brown

Second Trimester

  1. Winter
  2. El Carnestoltes (Mardi Gras)/St. Valentine's Day
  3. The beginning of spring
  4. The family
  5. Easter
  6. The body
  7. The colors green and yellow

Third Trimester

  1. Spring
  2. St. George festival (Sant Jordi - patron saint of Catalonia)
  3. Animals
  4. Water and the summer
  5. The colors blue and red


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