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Escola Bressol Llar d'infants: la Llar d'en Pitus


The Pitus Nursery School is a private trilingual preschool (Catalan, Spanish, English) approved by the Direcció General de Centres Docents de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Situated in a residential area of Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès), the school serves children from 9 months to 3 years of age and is conveniently located only two minutes by foot from the FGC Bellaterra station, five minutes by car from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and seven minutes by train from Sant Cugat and Sabadell.

Unlike many other private nurseries, Pitus Nursery School complies with or exceeds the Generalitat's requirements for nursery schools. In addition, our school is new (built in 2006) and has a large (280 sqm) classroom building and over 800 sqm of playground with a variety of play areas for the children.

Our teaching philosophy is based on learning by doing, that is, in acquiring knowledge through the process of testing ideas out. In addition to having very loving and engaging teachers, our pupils are exposed to local and Anglo-Saxon traditions and thereby participate in the celebration of regional events, such as La Castanyada and Carnestoltes, as well as in Anglo-Saxon ones such as Halloween and St. Valentine's Day. These celebrations are intended not only to be fun, but also to expose the children to multiple cultural worldviews and experiences.

I hope that you visit and enjoy our school as much as the children do!


Isabel Pardo Farré

Av. Bartomeu, 23 - 08193 Bellaterra • 646 97 68 15 o 93 594 0071 • llardenpitus@gmail.com
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